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Partnership to Protect Cane Creek Canyon

Land Trust of North Alabama has entered a partnership with Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve to ensure future protection of this unique property in Northwest Alabama while also allowing for continued low impact public access.

Photo by Ed Balch

The Land Trust has been assigned a conservation easement for 693 acres of the Cane Creek property, previously held by The Nature Conservancy in Alabama. For the past 40 years, Jim and Faye Lacefield, current owners and caretakers of Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve in Colbert County southwest of Tuscumbia, have cared for the land, created nearly 18 miles of hiking trails, and welcomed visitors to explore or study their beautiful property. Through this partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama, they can provide for the preserve’s continued protection and maintenance beyond their lifetime.

Photo by Ed Balch

The Cane Creek Canyon’s rolling topography and dramatic falls provides an incredibly diverse ecological area supporting significant biodiversity, cultural history as well as recreational and educational opportunities. Protection of the property will safeguard the area’s rich biological resources and aquatic corridors providing habitats for a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

Photo by Ed Balch

Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve is open to the public each weekend (Friday – Sunday from 7 AM – 5 PM). Visit Friends of Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve on Facebook for updates and information about the property.


Photo Credits: Ed Balch