Programs for Educators

Hands-on learning establishing appreciation for the unique ecosystems of North Alabama

Programs for Educators

Through hands-on learning, adults and children can develop an appreciation and understanding of the unique ecosystems of North Alabama and the need to conserve them. Let us know what you need. We can build a program around your specific requirements – age group, budget, or topic. Most programs are designed as outings but can be adapted for classroom activities, if desired. We offer a variety of environmental education programs, including activities for the following topics:

  • Caves and Karst Formations
  • Plants and Trees (Spring Wildflower Hikes, Fall Foliage Hikes, etc.)
  • Creatures and Critters (Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Bats, Fish, Birds, etc.)
  • History and Land (Huntsville history, Civil War, Native Americans)
  • Water Quality
  • Tracking and Identifying Animal Footprints
  • Just to name a few!

For more information or to schedule an environmental education program for your school group or organization, contact Tim Gels at 256-534-5263 or

Educators Needed

Imagine sharing your love of the natural world with students of all ages!
A key component of the mission of the Land Trust of North Alabama is to provide educational opportunities for our community. We do that in a number of ways, including going into schools or bringing students to our preserves. Due to increasing demands, we are looking for exceptional way-above-average people who are able to help us with our school programs to interpret the natural world to a variety of audiences, pre-K through high school. Review the qualifications and let us know if you’re interested. Contact our Education Director, Tim Gels, at

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