Why donate to the Land Trust?

You can create new Nature Preserves.
You can open new trails.
You can save waterfalls, wetlands, and forests.
You can protect wildlife.
You can do all of that right here in North Alabama.

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For over 30 years, dedicated Land Trust supporters have made North Alabama land preservation possible. But we have only just begun. Let’s continue our mission to preserve land together in the new year!

Will you help us reach our Giving Season goal to raise $75,000 by the end of the year. Please support us in this effort by making a year-end gift to the Land Trust of North Alabama. Giving a gift now will allow us to begin our important conservation work together from a place of strength in 2019. Sound like a lofty goal? Did you know that most nonprofits receive on average one third of their annual donations during the month of December? This means we rely on your generosity during this busy time of year in order to meet our financial goals and support our work in the coming year. Every gift is meaningful and appreciated!

Your tax-deductible gift stays in your community to help preserve our great natural spaces. Thank you for choosing to support land preservation!

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