Connecting River to Gap

Creating a Critical Corridor for People & Wildlife

The Vision: Connecting the Tennessee River to Blevins Gap
Envision a permanently preserved corridor of life, a natural place where connections are made and our unique sense of place is displayed. Envision a place that binds us together with trails and provides a migration corridor and habitat for wildlife to safely travel and flourish. Connecting the Tennessee River to Blevins Gap would provide such a place. It would connect the life-giving waters of the Tennessee River to our mountain top vistas. It would skirt rocky outcroppings that shelter some of our tiniest creatures. It would lead you through groves of wild azaleas, trillium, and phlox that punctuate the new green of spring. It would be a place of respite.

The Challenge: Preserving Connections Before They’re Gone
Huntsville is projected to become Alabama’s largest municipality in less than 10 years. This surge of growth is already placing tremendous pressure on our natural landscape. We must act today to keep pace with the development. The price of inaction and procrastination – losing our identity – is irreversible and too high. It is critical that our natural lands and trail corridors are preserved now.

The Solution: Partnering Together
By pooling our financial resources, we can acquire and preserve the natural lands that provide key connections for this corridor. One such property is now available for purchase! The City of Huntsville has already embraced the value of this conservation project, which also provides a portion of the Greenway Master Plan, and has committed funds to support the acquisition. With your help, we can raise the additional amount needed to purchase this 92 acre parcel on the south end of Blevins Gap Nature Preserve (shown in purple on the map below) to continue the River to Gap connection towards Green Mountain Nature Preserve and the Tennessee River.

Make a Donation – Connect the River to the Gap!

UPDATE (May 15, 2020) – $10,000 Donation Match
Because this property provides a critical piece of the City of Huntsville Greenway Master Plan, the city has pledged half of the total $184,320 purchase price. Several area donors have pledged an additional $61,873. So with $154,033 already committed, only $30,267 is needed to close on this property! To help raise the remaining funds, an anonymous donor has offered to match up to $10,000 of donations through July 1 to support this project! This means that if you give $500 toward this acquisition, our donor will match your gift with $500 – effectively doubling your gift!  Your donation can make this vision a reality!

Click here to learn about our 2019 acquisition on Green Mountain.