American Elm

Scientific Name: Ulmus americana

American Elm (Ulmus americana)

  • A large tree at maturity (over 100 feet tall and 2-4 feet diameter), well known as an urban tree, decimated in many areas by Dutch Elm disease
  • Leaves 3-6 inches long, elliptical shaped and sharply toothed on the edges, turning yellow in autumn
  • Bark is light gray becoming furrowed with interlacing or diamond shaped ridges as tree matures
  • Fruit is a seed encased in a flattened, papery, oval wing-like covering a half inch in diameter
  • Many uses from urban shade trees to furniture, flooring, baskets, and wooden wares

Fun Fact: The largest American Elm identified to date in the U.S. is a 8.6 foot diameter monster growing in Iberville, Louisiana

Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail TREE #6 = 16 inch diameter

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