Chestnut Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus prinus

Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus)

  • A large tree found in upland forests that grows well in urban settings
  • Leaves are 5-9 inches long with wavy ends, wider near the tip
  • Bark is gray-to-brown becoming deeply furrowed with distinct hard ridges
  • Acorns are larger than most oaks, one inch or more in length, with cups covering almost half the acorn
  • A good shade tree with yellow fall foliage, acorns are not preferred by wildlife since other tastier ones are usually available; wood is used for flooring, crossties, pallets and a source of tannin extract from the bark

Fun Fact: The name refers to how similar the leaves are to Chestnut trees which were wiped out by the chestnut blight


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  • TREE #37 = 29 inch diameter
  • TREE #42 = 33 inch diameter

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