Eastern Red Cedar

Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

  • Widest range of any eastern conifer (i.e. leaves stay on the tree in winter), this evergreen has a columnar shape and reaches 40-60 feet in height
  • Leaves are prickly, awl-shaped and are aromatic when crushed

  • Bark is distinct reddish-brown that easily shreds off in strips

  • Fruit is a soft bluish-green and berrylike maturing in the fall
  • Multiple uses: Christmas trees, cedar oil for perfumes, furniture—especially cedar chests, cedar closets, fence posts and berries are favored by wildlife including the cedar waxwing

Fun Fact: The first water lines in Huntsville back in 1827 were eight foot cedar logs that were hollowed out and joined together to make “water pipes”


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