Scientific Name: Gledista triacanthos

Honeylocust (Gledista triacanthos)

  • Unique medium-sized tree with stout, woody thorns on the trunk
  • Leaves have many leaflets(15-30) either in a pinnately or bipinnately arrangement
  • Smooth gray bark on young trees changing to fissured with long narrow plates
  • Bean-like seeds in 12-20 inch flat, fleshy pods, curving like a corkscrew as they ripen and dry
  • Very hard wood used for fence posts and railroad cross ties, planted as hedges

Fun Fact: Livestock and wildlife eat the sweet pulp of the seed pods; farmers don’t like these trees since the thorns can puncture tractor tires


Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail TREE #1 = 19 inch diameter

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This tour was created in partnership with:
Land Trust of North Alabama
Society of American Foresters – Mountain Lakes Chapter
U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station
Alabama A&M Forestry & Ecology Center