Northern Red Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus rubra

Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra)

  • Moderately fast growing, large tree has a natural range into Canada
  • Large leaves with 7-11 bristle-tipped lobes
  • Bark gray to blackish with alternating vertical furrows and flat-topped ridges
  • Acorns about one inch long and shallow cap looks like a beret
  • Most important lumber tree of the red oak group, also a good shade tree

Fun Fact: NRO’s usually grow in rich, moist soils accounting for faster growth


Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail

  • TREE #18 = 26 inch diameter
  • TREE #23 = 30 inch diameter
  • TREE #25 = 28 inch diameter
  • TREE #36 = 32 inch diameter
  • TREE #41 = 32 inch diameter


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