Pignut Hickory

Scientific Name: Carya glabra

Pignut Hickory (Carya glabra)

  • Part of the Walnut family, including pecans, this hickory is a common southern Appalachian tree reaching 60-80 feet at maturity
  • Leaves are compound like Ash trees, usually with 5 leaflets, 3-6 inches long and saw-toothed on the edges
  • Bark is smooth and tight while young changing to a hard, diamond shaped pattern as it matures
  • The fruit is a slightly sweet nut enclosed in a pear-shaped, thin husk that is easily opened by animals
  • Used to make tool handles, skis, drum sticks, and flooring; it remains the “king” of wood for smoking meat

Fun Fact: Because hickory wood can withstand continuous shocks, it is the choice for axe, pick and sledge hammer handles while ash is preferred for shovels and rakes.


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