Red Mulberry

Scientific Name: Morus rubra

Red Mulberry (Morus rubra)

  • A Medium-sized tree at maturity (15 – 70 ft tall), short trunk, milky sap
  • Leaves – between 2-8 in. Deciduous; simple; alternately arranged; heart-shaped, lower surface covered with fine hairs and soft to the touch, turn bright yellow in fall
  • Bark is grayish with flattened, scaly ridges
  • Fruit is red to dark purple; ripen in late spring; 1-1.5 in.; aggregate of drupelets or are made up of several tiny, one-seeded fruits
  • Uses: bears edible fruit, used as shade tree, attracts wildlife

Fun Fact: Many Native American tribes used different parts of mulberry to treat various illnesses. Alabama and Creek Indians treated urinary tract issues using an extract made from mulberry root where the Rappahannock took the sap and rubbed it over skin to treat ringworm.

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