Shagbark Hickory

Scientific Name: Carya ovata

Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata)

  • Hickories are usually found growing among other hardwood species, especially oaks; in fact, the oak-hickory forest type is the most common upland hardwood tree grouping in the southeast
  • Leaves are similar to pignut with 5 finely toothed leaflets
  • The most distinctive characteristic of this hickory, also known as the “scalybark” hickory, is the bark which separates into long, hard, shaggy plates on mature trees
  • The sweet nut is a favorite of squirrels and other animals but the husk is fairly thick
  • Of the four commercially valuable hickories, all are interchangeable as end products

Fun Fact: In the mid 1900’s wood from Pecan trees was used for furniture but since it was scarce, hickory was substituted but marketed as pecan wood.


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  • TREE #12 = 22 inch diameter
  • TREE #43 = 25 inch diameter
  • TREE #46 = 22 inch diameter


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