Southern Red Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus falcata

Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata)

  • Medium to large tree, open grown have spreading, round-topped form
  • Leaves are variable with 3-5 bristle-tipped lobes, U shaped leaf base, 5-9 inches long
  • Dark brown bark becoming fissured  and ridged
  • Acorn fruit is ½ inch long with saucer-shaped cup covering the a third of the nut
  • Good shade tree, wood used for furniture, flooring, railroad crossties & pallets

Fun Fact: Acorns take two years to mature for trees in the Red oak group; the largest SRO in the America is over nine feet in diameter and almost 140 feet tall growing in Georgia


Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail

  • TREE #17 = 38 inch diameter
  • TREE #20 = 31 inch diameter


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