Sugar Maple

Scientific Name: Acer saccharum

Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)

  • Large stately tree found more commonly north of Alabama, prized as a urban tree for its colorful fall foliage
  • Leaves are opposite one another on branches with five long-pointed lobes
  • Light gray bark when young darkens into furrowed scaly ridges as it ages
  • Paired winged seeds about one inch long, commonly referred to as “helicopters” as they flutter in the wind
  • A frequent ornamental yard tree in the south, the source of maple syrup in northern states, the wood is used for flooring and specialty woodworking with unique grain patterns

Fun Fact: Forty gallons of tree sap makes about one gallon of maple syrup


Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail

  • TREE #7 = 20 inch diameter
  • TREE #26 = 24 inch diameter
  • TREE #38 = 19 inch & 22 inch diameters (double trunks)


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This tour was created in partnership with:
Land Trust of North Alabama
Society of American Foresters – Mountain Lakes Chapter
U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station
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