Yellow Poplar

Scientific Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)

  • Large deciduous tree, at maturity 100+ feet tall, fast growing
  • Leaves tulip shaped, usually with 4-6 lobes, simple and alternate with brilliant yellow fall color
  • Bark smooth while young becoming furrowed with age, upside down V marking below branches
  • Fruit a cone with many winged seeds maturing in autumn
  • Wood is soft and used with upholstered furniture, crates, toys and plywood; smaller diameter trees made into paper

Fun Fact: Pioneers hollowed out large logs to make lightweight canoes; southern antique furniture was made from yellow poplar trees growing on plantations


Big Tree Tour on Terry Trail

  • TREE #8 = 28 inch diameter
  • TREE #11 = 24 inch & 26 inch diameters (double trunk)
  • TREE #13 = 27 inch diameter
  • TREE #28 = 31 inch diameter
  • TREE #32 = 31 inches & 27 inch diameters (forked)
  • TREE #35 = 27 inch diameter
  • TREE #48 = 34 inch diameter


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This tour was created in partnership with:
Land Trust of North Alabama
Society of American Foresters – Mountain Lakes Chapter
U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station
Alabama A&M Forestry & Ecology Center